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Welcome to Thanet Underground

This website documents all known "man-made" caves and tunnels located in my hometown of Ramsgate that my friends and I have discovered and explored over the years, and will gradually be updated to include the rest of the Isle of Thanet, as and when I get time!

Most of the entries relate to tunnels and caves my friends and I explored in our youth, from around 1991-1993, and the notes I made back then (age 15).
Sadly all of the tunnels mentioned in this blog are now completely sealed up and inaccessible in the years since these reports were written.

Links to the different tunnel entries are on the right under 'Previous Posts'.
PLEASE NOTE: Underground exploration can be dangerous!
Do NOT try to explore any of the tunnels on this website unless you are, or are accompanied by, experienced underground explorers, and most of all, do not graffiti or spoil them for others, they are part of our history!
Hope you enjoy!
Recent updates:
25-10-08:***NEW POST*** - HMS Fervent / Wellington Caves
05-10-07:***NEW POST*** - Ramsgate Library Tunnel
30-05-07: ***NEW POST*** - Wishing Towers Tunnel, Margate

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